Training Introduction

All the Employees, especially the Healthcare Professionals of Ops Med PSC that are deployed, are up to date with their training and certifications, including registration with regulating bodies that are internationally recognized.

Ops Med PSC also proud itself as the first and only company that has planned and presented the Offshore Medic Course (OSM) in South Africa with the support of a UK Based accredited training company.

Pre-Deployment Training. Ops Med PSC also assist our Clients by presenting Pre-Deployment Training to our staff and this training include Country Orientation, Culture and Religion sensitivity, Rules of Engagement, Ethics, Weapon Training, and many more.

Client Training. Ops Med PSC will provide in-deployment training to our Clients regularly and this training will typical include Basic First Aid, Personal Hygiene, Environmental Health, and any subject the Client requires.

Training Courses

Standard First Aid Training

This is the first certified level of Pre-Hospital Medical Training

ECSI Curriculum +

Basic Personal Hygiene

The content and use of the IFAK

Advanced First Aid Training

This more advanced Pre-Hospital Care Training Course will be presented to selected personal. These advanced qualified persons can be utilized as a Medical Coordinator of a small group that will be responsible to coordinate a Medical Emergency and these persons are qualified to treat more serious injuries

ECSI Curriculum +

Advanced Personal Hygiene

The content and use of the AFAB

Emergency Medical Responder Course

This course was previously known as FPos. This qualified First Aider has Advanced capabilities to respond to any medical emergency

ECSI Curriculum +

Advanced General Hygiene

Emergency Scene Management

Road and Air Evacuation Procedures

The content and use of the FPos Bag

Refresher Training

ECSI Curriculum per Course

ECSI Course List

Ops Med PSC is registered through ECSI to present the following courses

Bloodborne and airborne pathogens

CPR and AED (Layperson)

First Aid

Standard First Aid, CPR and AED

Advanced First Aid, CPR and AED

Emergency Medical Responder (Formerly First Responder)

Basic Life Support (BSL) for the health care provider CPR (Professional)

Pet First Aid and Disaster Response

Sports First Aid and Injury Prevention

Wilderness First Aid(Multiple Levels)